Así no te perderás nada

Merce López

She is a Tour Guide based in Luarca, Asturias (Spain).

I designed this logo being inspiring by Luarca colors and elements. The lighthouse is one of the most famous ones in Spain.

The colors:

The Pantone 2147C is the main color of the brand, and will be used to all those elements that do not have categorization.
The Pantone 151-14C. It is a green that evokes nature and everything related to what rural and for that same reason it is for what is going to be employed, for the related with guided nature tours or rural visits. And finally the Pantone 43-4C of earth tone, which evokes the old, will be used for the section of guided cultural, historical and religious visits.
Visits of an urban nature and all those carried out at the maritime orhealth tourism, will use the generic Pantone (Pantone 2147C)
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