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Happy Fall
11.11.2017  by Lydia Medina Paredes 

Hey everyone! Sorry for not writing in a long time. I’ve been too busy 🙁 I’ve been a bit out of myself...

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Red Velvet Recipe
03.05.2016  by Lydia Medina Paredes 

Hello! Today I have here a recipe I really really like… Hope you like it too!

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Questions about me (I)
28.03.2016  by Lydia Medina Paredes 

  I’ve been checking a lot of websites and a lot of them have a 35-questions-list asking some...

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DAY 61 of my new life.
26.03.2016  by Lydia Medina Paredes 

DAY 61 of my new life. Sometimes, you have to decide starting something new, you have to leave that life...

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Winter TV Shows List
18.12.2015  by Lydia Medina Paredes 

Hello everyone, I know I did not write so much during those months, and I feel so bad because of it. But I’m...

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Game of Thrones: “Winter is Coming” to Spain
01.11.2014  by Lydia Medina Paredes 

 Hey people!! The fifth season of Game of Thrones is being filmed in the South of Spain (Seville, Cordoba…)....

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2014 Prince of Asturias Awards Ceremony.
26.10.2014  by Lydia Medina Paredes 

Last Friday was the Prince of Asturias Awards, and my mother and I went there to take some pictures....

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Tolkien Tourism
05.10.2014  by Lydia Medina Paredes 

  Hello people! Today I’m uploading another post about tourism. This time is about Tolkien...

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Game of Thrones
28.09.2014  by Lydia Medina Paredes 

Hello guys! I’ve started to read Game Of Thrones books (in fact, just the first one is called like...

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27.09.2014  by Lydia Medina Paredes 

When I was in DC I met a lot of friends around the world. One of them is an awesome girl from Denmark,...

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